Dusk Token Metrics

By popular request this token metrics page has been created. Feedback? Contact our admins on Telegram or drop us an e-mail.

PercentageDUSK tokensVested
Token Sale50%250,000,000250,000,000

The number of Dusk Tokens that are part of the circulating supply is based on CoinMarketCap's methodology which is analogous to the method of using public float. This means that DUSK sitting in Team/Foundation/Treasury wallets is not counted as part of circulating supply - even when they are vested. This number is reflected in supply.dusk.network The table above shows the vested tokens per budget allocation. The percentage column indicates the size of the specific team-controlled budget versus the total supply. The DUSK tokens column indicates the absolute amount of tokens that are part of each team-controlled token budget.

The Vested column indicates the amount of tokens that have been vested (meaning they are no longer subject to any vesting or lock). You can read more about the lock and vesting schedules here.

The total supply for Dusk Network is 500M. We have 500M ERC-20 tokens minted, of which 50M are verifiably burned, and 50M are reissued on the Binance Blockchain as BEP-2 Tokens.

See the actual circulating supply here. See the total supply here.

The 2018 and 2019 token spend is 7,393,427 tokens and clarification can be found in this post.